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Jam Fadge Civil Engineers (Pty) Ltd is a multi-disciplinary company that delivers landmark projects. As an organization, we are committed to contributing to the socio economic development of the country and the entire region through infrastructural development and skills development.

Our history

The company combines African roots - and a proud South African with an unwavering commitment to world-class safety and quality.

Our Mission

To provide first world services and distributing through service excellence, innovation and world class business practices

Services that we offer

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General Building, Renovations

To maintain the high quality of our building projects Jam Fadge Civil Engineers (Pty) Ltd only utilizes the best subcontractors that carry the same commitment to project quality and safety that we do.

Civil and Water Work

Much of the work of water resource engineers involves the planning and management of constructed facilities that address these tasks.a strong team with the requisite technical and legal know-how is able to advise its clients prudently

Project Management

An idea for a project will be carefully examined to determine whether or not it benefits the organization. During this phase, a decision making team will identify if the project can realistically be completed.

Program of Work

With its mission in mind, the chamber develops a Jam Fadge Civil Engineers (Pty) Ltd each year. The Jam Fadge Civil Engineers (Pty) Ltd is essentially a list of specific, strategic goals to accomplish over the coming year.

Drafting and Detailing

We offer services in Drafting & Detailing , Geometric Tolerances, Welding symbols, Surface textures Symbols and Dimensioning with Proper Annotation of CAD drawing in accordance with drafting Standards.

Drawing Interpretation

Before attempting interpretations of specific details, clinicians should observe a number of cautions. 1ost of the research has produced conflicting results for even the best of signs.

Mechanical and Electrical Work

Our mechanical and electrical services make buildings work better - more efficient, more sustainable, and more cost-effective. Whether it’s an office block, school, museum, or hospital, we strive for perfect delivery, and we’re accountable every step of the way.

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